Essential Guide to Wimbledon 2015

On Monday, June 29, all eyes will be on the London for the opening of the most anticipated tennis event of the year. The tournament will encompass a surplus of talent making for a fierce competition between the best of the best in the sport.

Serena Williams is looking to make a comeback from last year to snatch her 21st Grand Slam while reigning champ Novak Djokoviç will seek to prove that his most recent defeat at the finals of the French Open was nothing but a slip up. But coming out on top over the likes of Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and defending champion Petra Kvitova will be an arduous task for the Ladies’ and Men’s best in the world.

Ahead of the tournament, brings us the “Essential Guide to Wimbledon 2015”, an infographic which includes the best fun facts about the tournament and its history. Can you guess how many people attend the event each day? How about the amount of balls used throughout the tournament? What was just recently banned from Wimbledon? And who is Rufus..? Impress your tennis obsessed friends with your Wimbledon trivia.